Your gang are your personal servants in pentito game who can perform several ranking tasks for you. They work as long as you hired them with credits.
Since Pentito is a non-profit organization, the use of the gang you will run on your behalf is largely free, except in a few cases. Usage is stated below;
Leonardo (Crime)
Antonio (Steal a Car)
Francesco (Narcos)
Danilo (Bullet)

Leonardo, Antonio, and Francesco commit crimes on your behalf for free for three hours. If you hire these gang members for a maximum of three hours, you can use them for free forever. Rent for over three hours is possible with 10 credits per hour. Only gang member Danilo, who purchases bullets, can be rented for 10 credits per hour.

*The winning award of the game is the donation of food to the animals in the area chosen by the family, on behalf of the family that won the version.
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