The objective of the game is to solve the "Quote for becoming a Legend" of the version.
The boss of the family who solved this code is considered "Legend of the version" and earned this badge.

For example, the "Quote for becoming a Legend" required to win the version
"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. Don Vito Corleone"

1- The version begins and releases how many characters "Quote for becoming a Legend" has at BAL menu.
Welcome to Pentito Version1-Demo. "Quote for becoming a Legend" has 60 character

2-These characters are randomly distributed to the first 60 "captain level" users who are members of a family.

3- The boss of the family, which has 30 + 1 characters as a result of shooting and wars, enters the "legend of the version" in the BAL menu.

4-Within 24 hours, the "Legend of the Version" application will be approved by the moderators.

5-Packages and boxes with family logos and nicknames on locations and other details determined by the "Legend of the version" family will be organized by the game moderation and the photos of this help will be published.

*The winning award of the game is the donation of food to the animals in the area chosen by the family, on behalf of the family that won the version.
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