At the beginning of the game, you can commit simple crimes every 90 seconds, car stealing crimes every 300 seconds. As your experience in the game increases, both your success rate and crime types increase. It is difficult to be successful early in the game. Decide what crime you want to commit and do it. Be careful, the lower the success rate of the crime you commit, the higher the reward. Usually, you're more likely to be caught and jailed while committing the crime.

  After the crime has been committed, you should wait until the cool-down times are completed.

   Once you are in jail, you can pay your bail and get out of jail, wait for another player to save you from jail, or commit a crime until your jail time is up.

*The winning award of the game is the donation of food to the animals in the area chosen by the family, on behalf of the family that won the version.
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